Monday, October 19, 2015

POEM FORM 1: News Break

News Break
by Max Fatchen

Now why so loving, darling,
And why the sudden kiss?
You's help me with some little jobs?
For goodness sake, what's this?

Your face is clean for once, dear.
Your clothes without a crease.
You saved your luncheon money?
Will wonder never cease?

No dropping of your school books,
No shrieking, childish treble.
Today you are a lamb, love,
Where yesterday a rebel.

But surely you're some stranger,
No rage or hullabaloo.
Come closer, let me look, dear,
Can this be really you?

Now were you struck by lightning
Or were you stunned at sport?
Ah... now I see the reason.
You've brought your school report!


The parent is surprised that the child has a sudden change of behavior. The child has become so loving and gives the parent a kiss. The child also helps the parent with chores around the house. The parent is bewildered.

The parent cannot believe that the child's face is clean and his clothes are neat without any wrinkles. The child also saved his lunch money. The parent is totally dumbfounded.

The parent is surprised when the child does not drop his school books around the house. The child also does not scream and shout. On that day, the child is as innocent and gentle as a lamb, which is a sharp contrast from the day before where he was rebellious.

The parent begins to wonder if the child is a stranger. The child does not show any anger nor make any noise. The parents want to have a clearer look to confirm the identity of the child.

The parent wonders if lightning has struck the child or if he was shocked while playing sports. However, the parent finally finds out the truth about the child's improved behavior. The child has brought home his school report.

- Having an ulterior motive
- Disobedience

- We must try to behave well at all times and do not only on certain occasions
- We must have the courage to face the unpleasant consequences of our actions instead of finding excuses.

The new literature text for form 1 students. Hope it helps :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy 33th month.. Thank you <3 nbsp="">

Friday, November 18, 2011

.:Don't ask people to sacrifice for you, though for a very tough reason:.

~If they refuse, it means u're not really important to them~ ---> is it true??

i don't know...but still, reduce your expectations toward others--> especially towards your loved ones..
u'll getting more pain...

Who is hurted? ----> __________
HEART, please be strong...let it go to heal u :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011


From 8.00 a.m : still sitting in front of my lap top. I just stopped around 30 minutes for lunch and prayer.
Actually it is not a bad day because I enjoy doing assignments without any interruption. Yeah! I was prepared for tomorrow's presentation and now is looking for a journal about phonetics and phonology. :)
Today is peaceful, tomorrow..that's another story :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another hectic week... :)
and I really miss Amir n Dinie...
I didn't back home for almost 2 weeks n yooosh..!!I miss my bonda as well...
Feels like semester three is quite tiring, but it's fun...
I still enjoy the the future?? = the future :)